tiCrypt Add-on Releases

We at Tera Insights have recently released some really cool new add-on components to go along with our tiCrypt product, and we are close to releasing an open source project for two-factor authentication!

The exciting new extensions we recently released are:

  • tiEnclave, a secure and controlled tiCrypt front-end environment for less than secure machines
  • tiForms, a tool for secure data delivery from unsecured/semisecured sites

Click on the links to read more about them!

Our up-and-coming open source project is called 2Q2R, an application that uses your mobile device and QR codes as a means for 2-factor authentication. 2Q2R leverages public-key encryption and does not require any services of a third party, and does not require any ‘shared secrets’. Securly logging in to an application has never been easier!