ResVault powered by tiCrypt is a integrated platform for research groups with all levels of sensitive data
AES-256 Encryption
Each file, resource, and drive is encrypted using a unique AES-256 key. The public key infrastructure is leveraged to manage these keys securely. Individual keys ensure confinement and manageability.
End-to-end encryption
Files and communication messages are end-to-end encrypted; at no point are files and keys stored unencrypted on the server. Data is encrypted and decrypted only on the users’ desktops or controlled virtual machines.
Public-Private key based security
All security mechanisms in tiCrypt are based on the use of a RSA-2048 public-private key pair for each user.
Secure File Storage and Sharing
Each file and resource is independently encrypted with a unique AES-256 key fully under user control. No key means no data access, even for admins. AES keys are managed using the user’s public RSA key.
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